Keeping Animals Well Adjusted

If you utilize chiropractic care for yourself than you understand the immense benefits chiropractic care has on your health, so why not extend these benefits to you pet? Like you, your horse or dog has a spinal cord encased by a vertebral column with nerves that exit the spine and control virtually every aspect of the body including muscle, immune, and organ function.
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Dr. Vear and his staff are amazing people! Our senior beagle, Buddy, felt like a young dog after just one treatment. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Vear’s practice in this area. If you are thinking about giving chiropractic treatment a try for your furbaby, I highly recommend giving this office a call. Trust me, your pet will thank you!

Gail Norman

“My quarter horse carried his tail to the left for several years. A week after being adjusted his tail is now back to normal! Thank you so much! Will be recommending you to all of my equine friends.”

Teri Nevel

“Dr. Vear is great! We have a small terrier mix who is very active, but sometimes he plays a little too hard. He hurt his back and was not his normal self. Dr. Vear is thorough and gentle. The adjustment went very smooth and immediately we noticed a big improvement in his walking and ease of motion.”

Jessie Kol

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Tennessee Animal Chiropractic travels around Middle Tennessee to visit our equine friends.

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